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Character Sketch Commissions
Quick Sketches of characters!

Though nothing of absurd NSFW nature or fetish art!

If you want a specific character drawn I require a full-body reference

Preferably Either;

- Portrait
- Mid Shot
- Full Body
- Pixel
Detailed Commissions
Detailed and clean pictures; usually with clean lineart and shading. 

Though nothing of absurd NSFW nature or fetish art!

If you want a specific character drawn I require a full-body reference

Preferably Either;

- Portrait
- Mid Shot
- Full Body


[Oc] 'Pick a Coin!'
A WIP piece which I plan to paint/colour later, sry for the lack of posts I'll be posting a couple more of these not far from now.

[New OCs] Adventuring Party

Party of Four

These are a group of Oc’s I’ve made for a school project : they’re intended to fit into a videogame - The idea is to have a cast of diverse characters with some developed backstories; I’ll be posting their individual stories soon! Please express your opinions of them when you guys have the chance!

Thanks to @ronyascribbles for all her help with these characters and her input when we discussed them together!

The Party Members ARE : 
Pyr Liajyre :…
Otaehr Illihice :…
Uzastr Flintcoat :…
Drenn Zalzut :…

[Oc] Drenn Zalzut

The Fourth and final party member!

Drenn Zalzut

Age : 50
Profession : Commander
Race : Maldagi (Human/Mecha/Cyborg Race)

Lead Buff : is “Commander” which kicks in with a 25% increase in defense when one or more party members are at 50% health or below. A simple buff which becomes it’s strongest when Drenn reaches his rage point at 25% health, where the buff skyrockets to an astonishing 50% increase in defence, though rage point will only last for one turn before he becomes exhausted where the buff then disappears.(Best utilised for a safe style of fighting when fighting stronger enemies)

Background : A Maldagi Warden Commander who reaches an epiphany and chooses to join Pir in defending her home, specialises in heavy weaponry and commanding. Loud and wise with a generally positive attitude he is a man who lives for the rush of battle. A warrior who enjoys nothing more than fighting, however he has reached an age where literary knowledge has become legitimately curious to him.

Born into the warring race of the Maldagi everyday of his life was spent training and eating, unlike the rest of the cast Drenn was not born a prodigy. He started as any normal soldier would and it took him many years before he could even call himself somebody of value. He became famous for his impenetrable defence and ferocious offense, turns out he became a feared general around the world- unbeknownst to his own positive nature. Drenn cannot use magic unless he is angry, where his latent magical abilities reveal themselves, this of course is not a very reliable ability so he relies more on his own strategic cunning and physical abilities to win. He chooses to change his allegiance once he realises that the world did not revolve around fighting, the social stigma which the Maldagi had placed upon their citizens was but an elaborate cover which would lead to military domination of the world. As pleasing to a warrior that may sound, it was not the world he wished to live in. So he chose to betray his own race, bringing whoever saw through the Maldagi ruse- he believes there may be something underlying the Maldagi leader’s intentions but headstrong battle would not find the answer. Meeting Pyr appeared to be major changing point as her character simply seemed to ‘alter his point of view’.

I imagine @ronyascribbles would like this buff, old guy the most~

[Oc] Uzastr Flintcoat
The Third member of the adventuring party!

Uzastr Flintcoat

Age : 24
Profession : Sniper/Blacksmith
Race : Dwarf

Lead Buff :  is “Keen Critical” allowing the party to use her potent accuracy; providing a 5% chance of  instant kill and a 30% chance of critical hit when health is 75% or lower (bosses cannot be instantly killed). When the party is using any weapons personally modded by her than the critical chance is raised, but the instant kill chance is lowered. (Best utilised for a “risk reward” gaming style, if you’re feeling lucky her buff is best)

Background :
A Dwarven Sniper who find herself allied with Pir due to familiar goals, specialises in artillery and blacksmithery.
A tomboyish and straightforward woman who focuses on the truth and her goals.
A confident blacksmith from the day she picked up a hammer.
Born into a male dominated family she took on the many male based values which the family shared. Her dwarven family, curiously enough quite the quiet company, but one of the most determined. Honest and genuine, everything she says a serious conjecture with no fault, negative or positive. She’s by no means stupid, she knows when being forthright is unnecessary, but her attitude is always to the intention of personal benefit to the listener. She finds most ‘girly’ situations uncomfortable and finds the idea that acting more ‘feminine’ would be a stain on her family’s culture. Taught how to shoot by her father she is a skilled crackshot, though she has a preference towards explosives. She has a strange, quiet optimism, presumably garnered from her brothers and father and she is the most willing to pursue a given goal in the party. She is able to modify weapons which the party may have obtained or bought, making them far better - but her blacksmithery has it’s limits and she requires newer and grander materials to forge and strengthen better weapons. She chooses to join the party on the presumption that they’d be travelling far from the reaches of the dwarven race. She herself has not travelled too much and finds excitement in what she’d be able to make with what the outside world could offer.
[Oc] Otaehr Illihice : Fleet of Foot

The Second party member of our Adventuring Crew!

Otaehr Illihice

Age : 23
Profession : Spy
Race : Sylriph (Essentially a Treant/Elf Mix : Which explains her lack of Feet)

Lead Buff :  is “Out of Sight” 50% chance to executing surprise attacks on enemies, enemies will not notice you until much later approached as an additional bonus. She and allies are also more likely to earn (steal) rewards from enemies after defeating them in battle. (Best utilised for a sneakier style of gameplay, more rewarding for stealthy players)

Background : A Sylriph Rogue and long time ally and best friend of Pir, specialises in espionage and deceit. A raucous and belligerent woman who exercises caution around those who intend to boss her around.

Otaehr is one of the few who travelled with Pyr during her backpacking childhood. 
She has a similar understanding to the outside of the world as Pyr but she notes that she dislikes travelling long distances at a time, somewhat diminishing her adventuring spirit.
She has had a constant knack with stealing and being stealthy, however she bore these skills out of necessity. Born a rejected orphan she lived her life having to fend for herself, emphasised by her ignorant attitude towards assistance: she stole whatever she needed, BUT ONLY what she needed. Resultingly, this gave her problems with following orders, which was considered quite the problem with elders. To her, commands were seen as a form of aggression and are an offense towards her past, she stole out of necessity and not out of petty feuds or political missions. To friends she will more than willingly follow requests- though she does enjoy a little incentive. Her tattoos are in fact, glow in the dark but they are just enough bright enough for her to see ahead of herself. 
Her abilities were eventually recognised and she became a spy for the Sylriph, begrudgingly so, as she was promised a proper place to stay and a steady source of income. Too tempting for a young orphaned girl. She was chosen to accompany Pyr as another child, her presence would make Pyr a tad more comfortable. The two remain steady friends and it appears she has been called to assist her old friend.



Alphaawsm's Profile Picture
Alexander Cruz
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just a freelance drawer, just starting out.... Hope you like my drawings!
My thanks to anyone who comments or likes.

I also like to play drums and the art of taekwondo.
Though drawing is my main "passion".

I'm not perfect so don't expect God tier art, but do expect work which had effort put into it.
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You've probably seen them already, I've been updating my personal Oc's and I'll be putting all their bios here!

[Oc] Kai by Alphaawsm Kai - The Smartest Thief -  

[Oc] Cierra by Alphaawsm Cierra - The Esteemed

[Oc] Yuria by Alphaawsm Yuria - The Scion of Fire

[Oc] Thana by Alphaawsm Thana - The Daughter of Death



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